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For Sale By Owners. Sell Your Own Home Online With ZERO % Commission.

Welcome to Chinese Property Investors where you can Advertise your Property from anywhere in the world to Investor property Buyers here in China.

We have been in Business for over 3 Years, sourcing Properties for Chinese Clients from All parts of the World.

Less than 1 % of Chinese Speak or Read English which makes it very hard for them to purchase Properties in a Foreign Country.

Chinese Property Investors has 5 International Buyer Advocates who are looking and inspecting properties for our Clients anywhere in the world and a Team of office staff looking for Properties for our Clients on the Internet.

How Chinese Property Investors works.

When  you advertise you’re Property on our website and one of our investors like your Property they will or we will contact you for Further Details, Inspection and a Possible Purchase.

Our Chinese Clients pay all our Commission & Expenses, you the Advertiser Pay Zero% Commission to us to Advertise & Sell your Property.

Chinese Property Investors have only a once of Charge Per Package, so you can Advertise your property and Negotiate with the Buyer Directly, all enquiries on your Property Come Directly to you, not from a 2nd or 3rd Party giving you the Best chance to get the Best Deal on the Property you are Buying or Selling.

Private Sellers, Developers, Real Estate Agents can all list their properties on our website for as little as $15.00 for 6 Months.

Commercial Properties, Primary Industry Properties, Vineyards, Foreign Businesses, and Partnerships are also in high Demand.

Please remember we are on the China side of the Great Firewall of China, Others May pretend they focus on Chinese Property but we are the Home Grown talent we know the People we know what the Chinese People want in property and Property Investments.

The Forecast is that Chinese Property investment in Foreign Lands will be in excess of $224 Billion US by 2020 and we have offices and Affiliated Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, and Perth Western Australia that can bring you the Buyer, Seller or Investor the Greatest choice of Properties on the Market.

Our Website is in China .cn and is available in 12 different languages

Chinese Investors look for the following in a Property.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Future Growth in that Country.
  • Location Location.
  • Properties at a Reasonable Price.
  • Resale Value.
  • Stability in Government.


International Buyer Advocacy Service

Chinese Property Investors have 6 International Buyer Advocacy Agents around the world Sourcing properties for Chinese property Investors Clients, meeting their criteria in finding a suitable property for their portfolio and all of the requirements are met to purchase the property by the Foreign Investor or Property Buyer,

Specializing in Local law / on Foreign Ownership, Research on Past & Future Sales, Purchases, Sales, and Property Hot Spots.

Please contact our office for further information.

Real Estate Agents in China now total 206

Real Estate Agents now total 206 throughout China and it Provinces also seeking Foreign Properties for there Clients.

All properties on our Website are forwarded to all our Associate real Estate Agents.

10 Reasons why you should Choose us

  • We can save you a significant sum of money in commission & Advertising Fees.
  • Direct communication with buyers No 2nd or 3rd Parties involved in the sale.
  • Clear and concise selling and renting, you’re in control.
  • You understand your Property best, naturally, you are the best person to promote your Property
  • We are China Based on Chinese .cn website
  • You can provide the best photos of your home.
  • Absolute control of the sale and rent process.
  • No pressure to sell or rent.
  • Secure Online Payment with PayPal.
  • Our website is available in 12 Different languages.